SC Aerospace is a group of professionals who committed to provide professional services to the aviation industry. Over the years, SC has built strong customer relationship globally and is recognized by the aerospace community.

SC Aerospace group manages aviation resources which focus on human resource management, training, technical assistant and aircraft or aircraft components sales and leasing services in aviation industry. Our strength is to provide effective one stop tailor made services worldwide including China, Southeast Asia, Europe,USA and the silk road economic belt markets. The business model we adopted is based on the supply chain management.

SC Aerospace group can be compared as a cell phone with many APPS in it. It provides targeted, fast feedback solutions to customers' needs which solve problems for customers with a brand new concept. The target is to meet customers' satisfaction simply, conveniently, and quickly.


  •  Commitment

    To achieve our shared vision, mission and strategic objectives.

  • Value Creation

    Add value in all that we do and work together to grow our people, markets and businesses around the world. We consistently create solutions that win in the marketplace and meet or even exceed customers’ expectations.

  • Integrity

    Honesty, trustworthiness and responsibility for our actions, striving to do the right things and to fulfill our promises to one another, our customers, partners and stakeholders.


Professional, efficient, customized service, one-stop service

  • Diverse Products & Services

  • Rich Resources & Hassle Free Service

  • Technical Know-how

  • Industrial Relationship


SC Aerospace provides customers with supply chain, profession


Committed to providing high quality, efficient and professional services to customers
in the                    aviation industry.

  • 2012
    Introduce and arrange aerospace training courses for certain aggressive youth and introduce work for them.
  • 2013
    Through the existing customers'' introduction and public promotion with good reputation, achieve the development scale in human resource and training aspects.
  • 2014
    The establishment of Hong Kong International Resource Service Co.,Ltd company defined the routine service for the existing customers to provide life career planning, including training, step-by-step training and career planning.
  • 2015
    The Hong Kong International Resource Service Co.,Ltd company developed rapidly and established representative offices in Singapore and the United States. The business expanded to technical support, including regular checking and repair, services of engines, landing gears and parts, etc. Good reputation has been won in the industry.
  • 2016
    Responding to domestic demands, Hong Kong International Resource Service Co., Ltd added representative offices in the Chinese Mainland and mainly conducted domestic business except Singapore, the United States and the Southeast Asia.
  • 2017
    The domestic business developed rapidly and had business relationship with many airline and maintenance companies, including human resource, training, technical support, aircraft lease and transaction, etc. It was welcomed and confirmed by the industry. Hong Kong International Resource Service Co., Ltd couldn’t represent the company's all business. SC company was planned to be established to provide more quality service.
  • 2018
    According to customers' demands and development needs, SC company was fully prepared and born at the right moment in Hong Kong. While maintaining the operation of Hong Kong International Resource Service Co., Ltd. , the SC-Xiamen was established, and together committed to provide the Supply Chain Management of the Aviation Service.


SC Aerospace main office is located in China and we have affiliates located all over Asia Pacific region, Europe and United States America.