Human Resource Management

SC Aerospace’s core business was originated in human resource and aviation training. We haveaccumulated nearly 5000 aviation workforce in our talent pool including technicians, engineers,senior managers, pilots, cabin crew and other aviation related talents.
SC Aerospace is a recognized company that provides technical support services and headhunting services.

All aspects talent pool management

Short Term labour contract

SC Aerospace offers temporary workers to cope with short term under-staffing. We have strict procedures to screen out fit and proper talents, interview and make arrangement for requested posts.

Talents Abundant

Accurate Labour Matching

Professional Services

Efficiency Improvement

Head Hunting services

SC Aerospace provides recruitment services for different positions and personnel hat meet customer needs. We offer personnel assessment and talent background survey for overseas senior talents. Our talent pool includes engineers, technicians in aircraft maintenance, pilots, ground service crew, flight service crew and air traffic controllers. Over the years, SC Aerospace has matched and conveyed large amount of professionals to many different locations in   the world.

Our Advantages
  • Resource abundant

  • Well experienced in the industry

  • Professional screening procedures

  • Fast matching

  • Quality after sales services

Our Talent Distribution

AC Aerospace has around 5000 labor forces distributed globally. The head counts are still growing rapidly. We can provide the right talents to precisely match customers' needs.




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