Technical Assistant

    Line Maintenance and AOG support

  • outbound flight
  • inbound flight

    Maintenance and repair

  • Routine Check/Transit Check/Structure Check
  • Aircraft Modification
  • Painting

    Component Overhaul

  • Engine
  • Landing Gear
  • APU
  • Other components

    Lease Return Service(LRS)

  • Pre-purchase valuation Record and audit

    Consultant Service

  • CAAC145 qualified certification
Beside technical support services in mainland China, we also offering services in many other countries.                
Technical support services include the following:

1. Line maintenance and AOG support

Offers a full suite of line maintenance, cabin and AOG recovery services all over the world

2.Aircraft Maintenance

Base on our engineering capabilities, we provide extensive heavy maintenance, structural                            repair and modification work on a wide range of aircraft for both commercial and VIP                            customers including Routine Check, transit check, structure check and painting.

3.Components Overhaul

Including engine, APU, and landing gear and other components.

4.Foreign CAAC 145 license application consultant service

Our professional team will guide and provide solutions to shorten the time for the licence                            approval.

5.Aircraft Lease Management service

SC Aerospace team of dedicated and experienced professionals provide its Third-Party                            Investors and its Asset Servicing Clients a comprehensive set of asset and lease management                            solutions designed to protect owners' asset values and maximize returns.                            These services include:                            
·Contracts Management and Enforcement                            
·Aircraft Technical Management                            
·Legal Services                            
·Credit Analysis                            
·Aircraft Modification Support                            
·Repossession Services                            
·Risk Management                            
·Investor Reporting

Our Advantages
  • Professional Team

  • Technical Know How

  • Industrial Relationship